Ways To Give!

Method 1

We are an old fashioned church and believe in local church giving. Our preferred way for you to give is through your local church! A collective offering can be sent to: Pacific Baptist Church PO Box 492908 Keaau, HI 96749.

Method 2

If your local church is not an option or you would like to support the project individually, checks can be sent to Pacific Baptist Church PO Box 492908 Keaau, HI 96749.

Method 3

For your concenience we also offer online giving through the Paypal link below!

Our Story!

A little over a year ago, Pacific Baptist Church moved from Hilo to the Hawaiian Paradise Park subdivision in Keaau, Hawaii. HPP as we call the subdivision locally consists of 8,800 1-acre lots currently populated by 11,500 people. The total capacity of HPP is around 20,000 people.

Hawaiian Paradise Park, up to a year ago, had no Independent Fundamental Baptist Church.

In the last year, our church has been having services on the pastor’s property and we are quickly outgrowing our current facility. Our meeting room has a capacity of around 40 and some Wednesday services we are pushing that capacity.

We currently have the 1-acre lot next door to the pastor’s home and through another donation we were able to get the property totally cleared and leveled.

The property started as this…

And now looks like this today!